3. Nuisances or complaints

It is very annoying and undesirable that you are experiencing a nuisance.

Before you report a nuisance to us, we ask that you first talk to the person causing the nuisance. It often turns out that the person causing the nuisance is not doing it intentionally and a good conversation can offer a solution. It is important that this conversation takes place at a quiet moment.

Furthermore, you can ask the perpetrator if he might also experience nuisance from you. In this way you show that you are also thinking about them. You can also make agreements during the conversation about how you can prevent such a situation.
If the talks are unsuccessful, you may also be able to seek neighborhood mediation through your municipality or ask for help from supervisors such as a janitor or a neighborhood police officer.
Should the offender commit a criminal offense or disrupt public order, we advise you to contact the police (0900-8844).
If you can't make it, you can of course contact us. We would like to ask you to fill out the nuisance form.

Please be advised that when the nuisance-causing party is not a tenant of a property owned by us, it is more difficult for us to contact the nuisance-causing party.

Of course, we will do everything possible to ensure that the nuisance is reduced or even eliminated. However, please be aware that even we cannot always do anything. As a landlord, we cannot simply terminate the rent and evict a tenant for any reason.

You must be able to prove a nuisance, and record keeping is very important here. Therefore, keep a logbook in which you write down when you experience a nuisance and what type of nuisance it is. You can attach this logbook to the nuisance form.

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