Frequently Asked Questions

Communicating changes

It is important that we have the correct contact information for our tenants. Using the change email address or phone number form, you can easily notify us of a change in your email address or phone number.
If your family situation changes please inform us so that an allonge can be drawn up if necessary. In the following cases, an allonge must be drawn up:

  • Registration of a co-tenant
  • Deregistration of a co-tenant
  • Registration of a co-resident
  • Deregistration of a co-resident

An allonge is used to make additional agreements after a lease is entered into or during its term
A co-tenant has rights and obligations regarding the lease. For example, this is your spouse, registered partner or your partner. A co-tenant is someone who lives in the house with you. This can be your child, but also your partner, a family member or acquaintance.

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